June 16, 2024 | By Sam Stoecklin

Central Missouri Speedway winners: Karrick, Meyer, Russell, and Roark Inbox

Photo by Josh Allee

WARRENSBURG, Mo. — Truly dedicated Central Missouri Speedway (CMS) racers and fans were on hand during a sultry evening at the track for KIX 105.7 FM race night on Saturday. Entrants included 10 Midwest Mods, 13 Pure Stocks, 9 Super Stocks, and 16 B-Mods. Nine heat races sorted out the lineups for the four main events to close the night out.

At the end of the night, Tim Karrick returned to victory lane for his 32nd career track win in the B-Mod division. Dave Meyer secured his 41st career CMS win by claiming the Super Stock victory while Bobby Russell racked up win number three on the year and first since mid-May in Pure Stock action. Logan Roark took command of the most CMS feature wins this season by claiming his sixth feature win in Midwest Mods action. 

POWRi B-Mod - 16 Entries
Heat 1 8 Laps | 00:04:47.265:  1. 1K-Tim Karrick[2]; 2. 57-Aaron Marrant[3]; 3. 88-Derek Nevels[1]; 4. 12C-Stephen Clancy[4]; 5. 1-Kyle Henning[6]; 6. (DNS) 03-TC Hambrick

Heat 2 - 8 Laps | 00:02:35.758:  1. 15-Colin Pierce[2]; 2. 99S-Brad Smith[1]; 3. 05-Jeremy Lile[4]; 4. 90-Terry Schultz[3]; 5. 55-Devin Payne[5]

Heat 3 - 8 Laps | 00:03:50.409:  1. 94-Jacob Ebert[1]; 2. 447-Kenny Prince[2]; 3. 29-Tyler Cochran[3]; 4. 7-Anthony Tanner[5]; 5. 1R-Rylan Gibbs[4]

A Feature 1 20 Laps | 00:20:00.000:  1. 1K-Tim Karrick[1]; 2. 57-Aaron Marrant[4]; 3. 94-Jacob Ebert[3]; 4. 90-Terry Schultz[12]; 5. 12C-Stephen Clancy[11]; 6. 15-Colin Pierce[2]; 7. 99S-Brad Smith[5]; 8. 05-Jeremy Lile[7]; 9. 88-Derek Nevels[8]; 10. 447-Kenny Prince[6]; 11. 1-Kyle Henning[13]; 12. 29-Tyler Cochran[9]; 13. 7-Anthony Tanner[10]; 14. (DNF) 55-Devin Payne[14]; 15. (DNF) 1R-Rylan Gibbs[15]; 16. (DNS) 03-TC Hambrick

Tim Karrick and Colin Pierce captured front row starting positions for the nightcap 20-lap B-Mod main event.
Karrick took command early on over Ebert in second with Colin Pierce inside the top three through lap five. Yellow flag conditions flew over the field. For the restart, Karrick led Ebert, Pierce, Aaron Marrant, and Brad Smith. Marrant and Terry Schultz had a good battle going soon after as Marrant took fourth by lap eight. At the halfway marker, Stephen Clancy moved inside the top five behind Karrick, Ebert, Marrant, and Shultz. The field was slowed again at lap 13 for the final time as the rest of the race was a nailbiter all the way to the finish. Marrant began to challenge Karrick late in the race with Ebert and Schultz not far behind. Late in the race, the leaders both experienced a heart-skipping moment in turn four, but both recovered and took their battle for the win right to the finish with Karrick taking the victory. Marrant settled for second with Ebert Schultz, Clancy, and Pierce completing the top six.

POWRi Super Stocks - 9 Entries
Heat 1 8 Laps | 00:03:47.344:  1. 30C-Clayton Campbell[1]; 2. 25X-Rodger Detherage[3]; 3. 67-Devin Irvin[5]; 4. 30K-Cameron Kelly[2]; 5. 07D-Mike Daugherty[4]

Heat 2 - 8 Laps | 00:02:24.388:  1. 9-Dave Meyer[2]; 2. 44-James Nighswonger[1]; 3. 10-Marc Carter[3]; 4. 14-Larry Ferris[4]

A Feature - 15 Laps | 00:20:00.000:  1. 9-Dave Meyer[1]; 2. 44-James Nighswonger[4]; 3. 67-Devin Irvin[5]; 4. 25X-Rodger Detherage[3]; 5. 30K-Cameron Kelly[7]; 6. 07D-Mike Daugherty[8]; 7. (DNF) 10-Marc Carter[6]; 8. (DNS) 14-Larry Ferris; 9. (DQ) 30C-Clayton Campbell[2]

Dave Meyer and Clayton Campbell, who was making his return to action, took front row starting positions for the 15-lap Super Stock main event. The opening laps featured side-by-side action between Meyer and Campbell through lap seven as James Nighswonger had a bird’s-eye view in third. Meyer eventually pulled ahead with Campbell second through the race’s lone caution on lap 11 when Marc Carter’s car stalled down the hot lane. When racing resumed, it was a four-lap dash to the finish. Campbell went to the high side, as he was earlier in the race and ran to the outside of Meyer just as Nighswonger made it a fantastic three car battle. Nighswonger moved to second inside of two to go but Campbell wasn’t done yet. On lap 14, it was Meyer leading the way with Campbell putting on heavy pressure. Meyer eventually emerged as the winner, narrowly over Campbell. However, during post-race technical inspection, Campbell was disqualified from the finish due to a carburetor infraction. Nighswonger looked good with his best run of the year in second, followed by Devin Irvin, Rodger Detherage, and Cameron Kelly.

Pure Stocks - 13 Entries
Heat 1 - 8 Laps | 00:03:48.158:  1. 98-RIchard Jameson[1]; 2. 89-Logan Headley[3]; 3. 4D-David Doelz[7]; 4. M87-Mallory Stiffler[4]; 5. 13B-Devin Baker[6]; 6. 403-Darrin Christy[5]; 7. (DNS) 25-Tim Billings

Heat 2 - 8 Laps | 00:03:45.728:  1. 24-Bobby Russell[2]; 2. 189-Jonathan Evans[4]; 3. 7-Spencer Reiff[6]; 4. 41-Larry Drake[1]; 5. (DNF) 43-JR Billings[5]; 6. (DNF) MRS01-Kristina Wyatt[3]

Previous feature winner Bobby Russell earned the pole position with Richard Jameson starting second. Russell grabbed the early lead over Jameson and Logan Headley early in the race. Caution for debris flew at lap five and again on lap seven for a slow car exiting the track. After that, racing resumed with Russell in command over Jameson. Spence Reiff moved to fourth at lap eight and to third a lap later trying to close on the field. Jameson and Reiff ran close for third as Tim Billings advanced from thirteenth to the top five by lap 13.  With two laps remaining Billings’ strong run came to an end after he clipped an infield utility tire as he ultimately retired from the event. This set up a green, white, and checkered flag finish with Russell, Logan Headley, and Reiff to sort the race out for the win. Russell led the field back to action with heavy pressure from Headley and Reiff to the finish but managed to hold on for the victory with Headley second, Reiff third, Jameson fourth, and David Doelz fifth.

A Feature - 15 Laps | 00:20:00.000:  1. 24-Bobby Russell[1]; 2. 89-Logan Headley[5]; 3. 7-Spencer Reiff[6]; 4. 98-RIchard Jameson[2]; 5. 4D-David Doelz[4]; 6. M87-Mallory Stiffler[7]; 7. 403-Darrin Christy[10]; 8. 13B-Devin Baker[9]; 9. (DNF) 25-Tim Billings[13]; 10. (DNF) 189-Jonathan Evans[3]; 11. (DNF) 41-Larry Drake[8]; 12. (DNS) 43-JR Billings; 13. (DNS) MRS01-Kristina Wyatt

POWRi Midwest Mods - 10 Entries
Heat 1 - 8 Laps | 00:03:54.130:  1. 17-Logan Roark[1]; 2. 82-David Wood[2]; 3. 29-Justin Oliver[5]; 4. 3DJR-Dylan Daniels[3]; 5. (DNF) 9-Brian Meyer[4]

Heat 2 - 8 Laps | 00:06:00.331:  1. 98-Terry Smith[3]; 2. 5D-Dustin Dennison[4]; 3. 41-Alex Schultz[5]; 4. 10C-Cody Bray[1]; 5. 26-Devin Wetzel[2]

Terry Smith and Logan Roark earned the front row positions for the 15-lap main event. As he’s done multiple times this year, Roark shot out to the early race lead. Dennison’s hard luck at CMS unfortunately continued as he retired from the race and drew the lone caution of the event at lap four. From here on out, Roark was in control. David Wood drew close a couple times but was unable to mount a challenge. Meanwhile, Devin Wetzel, who started ninth, moved forward with some fantastic moves forward. In the end, Roark collected the victory over Wood, Wetzel, Terry Smith, and Alex Schultz.

A Feature - 15 Laps | 00:20:00.000:  1. 17-Logan Roark[2]; 2. 82-David Wood[4]; 3. 26-Devin Wetzel[9]; 4. 98-Terry Smith[1]; 5. 41-Alex Schultz[6]; 6. 3DJR-Dylan Daniels[7]; 7. 10C-Cody Bray[8]; 8. (DNF) 9-Brian Meyer[10]; 9. (DNF) 29-Justin Oliver[5]; 10. (DNF) 5D-Dustin Dennison[3]

Next week marks the exciting return of the Ca$h Money Late Model series, plus all four weekly race divisions return for another week of action.

Schedule Preview:
Race #11, Saturday, June 22    Seeburg Muffler Presents the Cash $ Late Model Series Rumble.                                   Plus, Weekly Racing:  B-Mods, Super Stocks, Midwest Mods, and Pure Stocks
Race #12, Saturday, June 29    Comfort Inn Race Night, Featuring Weekly Racing:  B-Mods, Super Stocks, Midwest Mods, and Pure Stocks. Plus, Guest Class POWRi Late Models
Race #13, Saturday, July 6    24th Annual Tom Wilson Memorial featuring $3,000-to-Win B-Mods and $1,000-to-Win Pure Stocks. Also running Super Stocks and Midwest Mods.

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