June 23, 2024 | By Sam Stoecklin

Atkinson, Turner shine at Central Missouri Speedway

Photo by Josh Allee

WARRENSBURG, Mo. — It was a full night of action at Central Missouri Speedway on Saturday when Seeburg Muffler presented the Cash Money Dirt Late Model Series Rumble. There were 22 Late Models on hand for the action, along with 9 Midwest Mod, 10 Pure Stocks, 20 Super Stocks, and 20 B-Mods. All total, 81 cars participated in the night’s action.

After the 14 preliminary heat races, two late model dashes, and five main events, and 224 laps of racing completed by 10:35 pm\ it was Dustin Atkinson taking the Cash Money Late Model victory while Shadren Turner returned to B-Mod victory lane. Blaine Ewing took top honors in Super Stocks with Bobby Russell collecting the Pure Stock prize and Dustin Dennison driving to the Midwest Mods victory.

Cash $ Late Models - 22 Entries
APAC "Dash for Cash" - 5 Laps:  1. 11C-Sawyer Crigler[1]; 2. 11-Steve Johnson[2]; 3. 22-Tim Petty[3]; 4. 26-Glen Powell[4]; 5. 5JR-Noah Ames[6]; 6. 88-Isaac Keepper[5]

APAC "Dash for Cash" 2 - 5 Laps:  1. 5*-John Briggs[2]; 2. 75-ZD Keepper[1]; 3. 414-Ryan Thomas[5]; 4. 29-Matt Menzie[3]; 5. (DNS) 82B-Blake W Steele; 6. (DNS) 87-Steve Steele

KRC Heat 1 - 8 Laps:  1. 22-Tim Petty[4]; 2. 11-Steve Johnson[1]; 3. 414-Ryan Thomas[6]; 4. 11P-Curt Potter[3]; 5. 87-Steve Steele[2]; 6. (DNF) 82B-Blake W Steele[5]

Location Freight Heat 2 - 8 Laps:  1. 88-Isaac Keepper[3]; 2. 29-Matt Menzie[1]; 3. 11C-Sawyer Crigler[5]; 4. 93D-Josh Dugan[4]; 5. 33-Mike Bitner[2]; 6. 30-Dalton Cloyd[6]

Whitman Trucking Heat 3 - 8 Laps:  1. 82-Jace Parmley[1]; 2. 60-Cody Nivens[2]; 3. 75-ZD Keepper[5]; 4. 90-Josh Farris[3]; 5. (DNF) 9-Sam Petty[4]

Powell Mechanical Heat 4 - 8 Laps:  1. 4A-Dustin Atkinson[3]; 2. 5*-John Briggs[2]; 3. 13B-Brandon Baldridge[5]; 4. 5JR-Noah Ames[1]; 5. (DNF) 26-Glen Powell[4]

Polesitter Dustin Atkinson, of Lebanon, Missouri led the field of 22 Cash Money Late Models to green to start the 30-lap main Seeburg Muffler Late Model Rumble. Tim Petty, Ryan Thomas, and Isaac Keeper stayed close in the early laps during a fast and furious dash to the finish. Drivers mastered the track as they threaded their way through lapped traffic by the midway point of the race with the green light staying lit. Atkinson was able to pull away from the fantastic three-car battle for second as Jace Parmley moved forward towards the top three. The race stayed green for 24 straight laps before the first caution flew for a single-car spin. When racing resumed, Atkinson had company as Sawyer Crigler stayed with him until the second and final caution flew inside of three laps to go. As the lead duo returned to full throttle, Crigler actually moved to the front of the field; however, Atkinson was not to be denied on this night as he collected his first-ever CMS victory. Crigler had to settle for the runner-up position after a valiant effort and bid for the win. Former CMS winner Jace Parmely advanced from ninth on the grid to finish third. Isaac Keepper was consistent the entire race to claim fourth with Tim Petty fifth and twelfth-starting Brandon Baldridge sixth.

Mr. Dent A Feature 30 Laps | 00:20:27.924 | Collision Repair Auto Body Shop:  1. 4A-Dustin Atkinson[1]; 2. 11C-Sawyer Crigler[10]; 3. 82-Jace Parmley[9]; 4. 88-Isaac Keepper[4]; 5. 22-Tim Petty[3]; 6. 13B-Brandon Baldridge[12]; 7. 60-Cody Nivens[7]; 8. 5*-John Briggs[8]; 9. 29-Matt Menzie[6]; 10. 75-ZD Keepper[11]; 11. 30-Dalton Cloyd[17]; 12. 33-Mike Bitner[19]; 13. 93D-Josh Dugan[16]; 14. 9-Sam Petty[20]; 15. 5JR-Noah Ames[13]; 16. 11P-Curt Potter[14]; 17. 414-Ryan Thomas[2]; 18. 90-Josh Farris[15]; 19. 87-Steve Steele[18]; 20. (DNF) 11-Steve Johnson[5]; 21. (DNF) 82B-Blake W Steele[22]; 22. (DNS) 26-Glen Powell

POWRi B-Mod - 20 Entries
Heat 1 -8 Laps | 00:07:22.195:  1. 56-Shadren Turner[7]; 2. 7-Anthony Tanner[2]; 3. C3-Chad Staus[4]; 4. 05-Jeremy Lile[6]; 5. 12C-Stephen Clancy[5]; 6. 55-Devin Payne[3]; 7. (DNF) 5H-Scott Hammack[1]

Heat 2 - 8 Laps | 00:03:32.600:  1. 94-Jacob Ebert[2]; 2. 57-Aaron Marrant[3]; 3. 90-Terry Schultz[1]; 4. 15-Colin Pierce[4]; 5. 99S-Brad Smith[7]; 6. 29-Tyler Cochran[5]; 7. 1K-Tim Karrick[6]

Heat 3 - 8 Laps | 00:02:47.526:  1. 88-Derek Nevels[4]; 2. 97-Ron Hartford[3]; 3. 447-Kenny Prince[5]; 4. 15J-Jake Fetterman[6]; 5. 26-Derick Schlarb[1]; 6. (DNF) 03-TC Hambrick[2]

Shadren Turner and Derek Nevels of Corder, Missouri, occupied row one for the B-Mod main event with Turner quickly establishing himself as the leader for the 20-lap race. The field was slowed by lap three as Turner led Aaron Marrant, Jacob Ebert Nevels, and Chad Staus. Caution flew again at lap six but after that it was go time for drivers as they tried to dethrone Turner, who has been on a CMS terror lately. Marrant tried to hang with Turner for several laps but as the laps clicked away, Turner was able to thread his way through the lapped traffic and hold his advantage. Meanwhile, fourteenth-starting Stephen Clancy was on a mission to the front of the field as he closed in on the top three a third of the way through the event. Jacob Ebert and Terry Schultz also were consistent inside the top vice as Tim Karrick patiently made his way inside the top ten, advancing from eighteenth on the grid. Turner once again proved too strong for the B-Mod contingent and collected his third CMS victory of the year. Marrant took the second position with Clancy’s phenomenal run from far back resulting in a third-place finish. Ebert was a consistent runner in fourth with Schultz fifth. Karrick capped his night off with a run from eighteenth to finish sixth.

A Feature 1 20 Laps:  1. 56-Shadren Turner[1]; 2. 57-Aaron Marrant[4]; 3. 12C-Stephen Clancy[14]; 4. 94-Jacob Ebert[3]; 5. 90-Terry Schultz[9]; 6. 1K-Tim Karrick[18]; 7. C3-Chad Staus[8]; 8. 99S-Brad Smith[13]; 9. 447-Kenny Prince[7]; 10. 88-Derek Nevels[2]; 11. 05-Jeremy Lile[10]; 12. 15-Colin Pierce[12]; 13. 7-Anthony Tanner[6]; 14. 15J-Jake Fetterman[11]; 15. 97-Ron Hartford[5]; 16. 29-Tyler Cochran[17]; 17. (DNF) 5H-Scott Hammack[20]; 18. (DNF) 26-Derick Schlarb[15]; 19. (DNF) 55-Devin Payne[16]; 20. (DNF) 03-TC Hambrick[19]

POWRi Super Stocks - 20 Entries
Heat 1 - 8 Laps | 00:02:46.961:  1. 10-Marc Carter[1]; 2. 45-Aaron Poe[4]; 3. 25-Jay Prevete[2]; 4. 30C-Clayton Campbell[3]; 5. 44-James Nighswonger[7]; 6. 8D-Darek Wiss[5]; 7. (DNF) 116-Zack Smith[6]

Heat 2 - 8 Laps | 00:05:04.334:  1. 12V-Nathan Vaughn[7]; 2. 9-Dave Meyer[5]; 3. 67-Devin Irvin[1]; 4. 30K-Cameron Kelly[4]; 5. 07D-Mike Daugherty[2]; 6. (DNF) 77-Daniel McKenzie[3]; 7. (DNF) 25X-Rodger Detherage[6]

Heat 3 - 8 Laps | 00:06:53.788:  1. 04-Blaine Ewing[3]; 2. 164-Michael Muskrat[2]; 3. 21W-Ted Welschmeyer[6]; 4. G1-Nick Gibson[1]; 5. 05-Dale Berry[4]; 6. (DNF) 4-Branden Bise[5]

Nathan Vaughn was looking for a strong return to action as he earned the top starting position in the 20-lap Super Stock main event alongside previous feature winner Blaine Ewing. After two false starts and two top contenders falling from contention as Mar Carter and Vaughn experienced trouble early, the race went green, and Ewing moved to the front of the field. Dave Meyer, Ted Welschmeyer, and Aaron Poe ran close behind through the early laps until caution flew on lap three. Meyer challenged Ewing on the restart on the lowesid3 as Ewing ran the high line side by side. Just shy of the halfway marker, Ewing was able to put some distance on himself and Meyer, who was locked into an intense battle for second with Welschmeyer. By lap 11, Welschmeyer began putting heavy pressure on Ewing for the lead as Meyer looked on. For several laps it looked as though Welschmeyer would finally get a victory, but Ewing fended off all challenges and eventually claimed his third victory of the season at CMS. Welschmeyer, who started sixth, came away with second with Meyer third. Aaron Poe was a consistent top-five runner in fourth with Clayton Campbell moving from tenth to fifth at the finish. Devin Irvin rebounded from an early spin to complete the top six finishers.

A Feature - 20 Laps | 00:13:54.540:  1. 04-Blaine Ewing[2]; 2. 21W-Ted Welschmeyer[6]; 3. 9-Dave Meyer[3]; 4. 45-Aaron Poe[5]; 5. 30C-Clayton Campbell[10]; 6. 67-Devin Irvin[9]; 7. 164-Michael Muskrat[7]; 8. 44-James Nighswonger[13]; 9. 10-Marc Carter[4]; 10. G1-Nick Gibson[12]; 11. 116-Zack Smith[19]; 12. 8D-Darek Wiss[16]; 13. 77-Daniel McKenzie[17]; 14. 05-Dale Berry[15]; 15. 07D-Mike Daugherty[14]; 16. 30K-Cameron Kelly[11]; 17. (DNF) 4-Branden Bise[18]; 18. (DNF) 25-Jay Prevete[8]; 19. (DNF) 12V-Nathan Vaughn[1]; 20. (DNF) 25X-Rodger Detherage[20]

Pure Stocks - 10 Entries
Heat 1-  8 Laps | 00:02:55.317:  1. 24-Bobby Russell[2]; 2. 7-Spencer Reiff[4]; 3. M87-Mallory Stiffler[1]; 4. 81-Donnie Devers[5]; 5. 75-Brady Tanner[3]

Heat 2 - 8 Laps | 00:03:00.275:  1. 98-RIchard Jameson[1]; 2. 4D-David Doelz[5]; 3. 13B-Devin Baker[4]; 4. 21-Joey Harper[2]; 5. MRS01-Kristina Wyatt[3]

Bobby Russell and David Doelz were the front row starters for the 15-lap Pure Stock main event with Russell taking command at the drop of the green flag. Early front-runner Richard Jameson fell from the top three early in the race with caution waving on lap one. David Doelz and Spencer Reiff had a spirited battle for second behind Russell during the first half of the race with Reiff eventually taking sole possession of second behind Russell. After another restart, Reiff moved in on the leader by lap seven as the lead duo worked lapped cars. Reiff came out on the wrong end of a high-side move, which led to his car leaving the track surface and drawing a mid-race caution. Russell was left to battle with Doelz and Donnie Devers late in the race but the second and third-place drivers were never able to mount a serious challenge on Russell, who ultimately went on to collect his fourth win of the season. Doelz recorded his best finish of the year in second with Devers doing the same in third. Reiff recovered for a respectable run back to fourth with Devin Baker fifth and Mallory Stiffler in sixth.

A Feature - 15 Laps | 00:11:33.785:  1. 24-Bobby Russell[1]; 2. 4D-David Doelz[2]; 3. 81-Donnie Devers[7]; 4. 7-Spencer Reiff[4]; 5. 13B-Devin Baker[5]; 6. M87-Mallory Stiffler[6]; 7. MRS01-Kristina Wyatt[10]; 8. (DNF) 21-Joey Harper[8]; 9. (DNF) 75-Brady Tanner[9]; 10. (DNF) 98-RIchard Jameson[3]

POWRi Midwest Mods - 9 Entries
Heat 1 - 8 Laps | 00:05:34.083
1. 17-Logan Roark[3]; 2. 82-David Wood[4]; 3. 98-Dylon Smith[5]; 4. 40-Jared Riddle[2]; 5. (DNF) 13-Joe Marrant[1]

Heat 2 - 8 Laps | 00:03:48.204:  1. 5D-Dustin Dennison[2]; 2. 41-Alex Schultz[4]; 3. 9-Brian Meyer[3]; 4. (DNF) 4P-Jesse Hogg[1]

Six-time feather winner Logan Roark and former track champion Dustin Dennison took top starting honors for the 15-lap Midwest Mods main event. Cautions slowed the field on several occasions for the first five laps as Roark held the top spot until lap five, when he was forced to retire from the event with damage to the front of his car. This allowed Dennison to capture the top spot ahead of David Wood and Alex Schultz. Dennison did all he could to hold back Wood for the top spot as Schultz looked on in third. Dennison eventually drove to his first win of the season with Wood coming away in second. Dylon Smith ran strong in third with Schultz fourth, Jesse Hogg fifth with Roark sixth.

A Feature - 15 Laps | 00:10:48.367:  1. 5D-Dustin Dennison[2]; 2. 82-David Wood[3]; 3. 98-Dylon Smith[5]; 4. 41-Alex Schultz[4]; 5. 4P-Jesse Hogg[8]; 6. (DNF) 17-Logan Roark[1]; 7. (DNF) 9-Brian Meyer[6]; 8. (DNF) 40-Jared Riddle[7]; 9. (DNF) 13-Joe Marrant[9]

Next week, championship racing continues in all four regular divisions, plus guest class POWRi Late Models.

Schedule Preview:
Race #12, Saturday, June 29 Comfort Inn Race Night, Featuring Weekly Racing:  B-Mods, Super Stocks, Midwest Mods, and Pure Stocks. Plus, Guest Class POWRi Late Models
Race #13, Saturday, July 6 24th Annual Tom Wilson Memorial featuring $3,000-to-Win B-Mods and $1,000-to-Win Pure Stocks. Also running Super Stocks and Midwest Mods. Plus, a Full Fireworks Display After the Races and Pulled Pork Sandwiches in the Concession Stands!


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