June 23, 2024 | By Dylan Vore

I-35 Speedway races cut short by rain

WINSTON, Mo. — With a rain-shortened race night, I-35 Speedway had a packed grandstand and fast cars in every class on Saturday night. This Saturday night was also Racin for Rian night at the races, in memory of Rian Bree Wilson. During the heat races the Bud Wilson Racing Family collected donations for the St. Lukes NICU Family Fund in memory of Rian, and also sponsored a free-to-enter drawing for Fan of the Week. With every heat race completed, we wasted no time getting the feature races started.

In the E-mod feature, Casey Burnett held off a charging Kameron Hanes and Aaron Jones to take home the feature win. In Jr. Sport Compacts, Grant Sheetz passed Payton Hanes on the last lap to take home the feature win, Sheetz 10th win of the year. As we rolled the Pure Stock feature onto the track, the rain hit. James Silkwood won Heat 1 in the Pure Stocks, and Johnnie Price took home Heat 2.

In USRA Modifieds, Lee Hibner won tonight’s Heat race. In USRA B-mods, Lonnie Hibner collected the win in Heat 1, while Chris Wright won Heat 2. The USRA Stock Car heat races had Chris Dishong winning Heat 1 and Doug Keller in Heat 2. Jonathon Hartman won Heat 1 in the Sport Compacts and Alvin Cooney was the Heat 2 winner.

We welcomed back Midwest Limited Late Models this Saturday night, as Mark Dotson collected the win in Heat 1. We also welcomed back our Vintage series, as Mike Lefholz was the heat race winner.

Our track officials did everything they could to get the track dry enough to complete the feature races, but the rain was too much. Thank you to the race fans that toughed out the weather the entire night, and to all the drivers for bringing another exciting show to I-35 Speedway. Please continue to check our Facebook page for updates on completing the remaining feature races. Full results for 6/22/24 posted below:



Heat 1: 1. 99H-Lee Hibner[2]; 2. 89-Tyler Hibner[1]; 3. 92-Tyler Grooms[8]; 4. 18-Brad Johnson[6]; 5. 12JR-Jory Stotts[3]; 6. 31-David Coates[7]; 7. 12-Andrew Thomas[4]; 8. 97-Houston Johnson[5]


Heat 1: 1. 88H-Lonnie Hibner[2]; 2. 33D-Adam Dunwoodie[3]; 3. 27-Tyler O'Neal[4]; 4. 18M-Chase Moulton[5]; 5. (DNS) 12-Jeff Stotts

Heat 2: 1. 66X-Chris Wright[1]; 2. 69-Tyler Cadwallader[2]; 3. 17L-Chris Leathers[4]; 4. 65A-Mark Anderson[5]; 5. 86K-Kyle Couzens[3]


Heat 1: 1. 16S-Chris Dishong[4]; 2. 88-Jeff Dixon[2]; 3. 9H-Nic Hanes[3]; 4. 82M-Anthony Robertson[1]; 5. 22-David Davis[5]

Heat 2: 1. 7-Doug Keller[5]; 2. 87-Jason Billups[2]; 3. 13-Chris Mercer[4]; 4. 14C-Bill Carter[3]; 5. (DNS) 111-Butch Bailey


Heat 1: 1. 39S-James Silkwood[2]; 2. 91-CJ Turner[4]; 3. 49K-Conrad Kauffman[5]; 4. 47W-Shaun Wirtz[1]; 5. 79-Carter Johnson[6]; 6. 10-Albert Curtis[3]; 7. 87-Matt Moore[8]; 8. 19-Emily Turner[7]

Heat 2: 1. 77-Johnnie Price[2]; 2. 87P-Anthony Persell[5]; 3. 10R-Christopher Rainey[1]; 4. 13JH-Jake Hoover[6]; 5. 12A-Christian Turner[4]; 6. 88-jaren gilson[3]


Heat 1: 1. 85-Mark Dotson[4]; 2. 24-Tyler Hibner[5]; 3. 33-Paul Glendenning[2]; 4. 94-Chester Kaufman[3]; 5. 17K-Michael King[1]


A Feature 1: 1. 23J-Casey Burnett[3]; 2. 9H-Kameron Hanes[2]; 3. 14A-Aaron Jones[1]; 4. 01B-Brett Holman[7]; 5. 243-Brayden Abrams[15]; 6. 56R-Kenny Reed[12]; 7. 08D-Dalton Strohl[13]; 8. 08X-Draven Wright[10]; 9. 23-Bill Penland[8]; 10. 29B-Brayden Mathis[11]; 11. 08-Nathan Hampton[6]; 12. 52S-Shaun Pedersen[9]; 13. 31-Jeremy Pittsenbarger[5]; 14. 79-Levi Rainey[14]; 15. 14P-Jonathan Parker[4]

Heat 1: 1. 14A-Aaron Jones[8]; 2. 31-Jeremy Pittsenbarger[1]; 3. 14P-Jonathan Parker[6]; 4. 23-Bill Penland[3]; 5. 52S-Shaun Pedersen[7]; 6. 29B-Brayden Mathis[5]; 7. 08D-Dalton Strohl[4]; 8. 243-Brayden Abrams[2]

Heat 2: 1. 9H-Kameron Hanes[6]; 2. 08-Nathan Hampton[2]; 3. 23J-Casey Burnett[7]; 4. 01B-Brett Holman[5]; 5. 08X-Draven Wright[1]; 6. 56R-Kenny Reed[3]; 7. 79-Levi Rainey[4]


Heat 1: 1. 76B-Jonnathon Hartman[2]; 2. 55-David Miller[1]; 3. 13B-Cole Brown[3]; 4. 10-Hunter Throckmorton[5]; 5. 16A-Scott Beagle[6]; 6. 43-Ryan Hinkle[7]; 7. 28-Austin Ziegler[8]; 8. 97-Baylee Carter[4]

Heat 2: 1. 69-Alvin Cooney[4]; 2. 31-Brad Mick[7]; 3. 22L-Andrew Robb[1]; 4. 48R-Joshua Robb[3]; 5. 48-Tom Cooney[5]; 6. 7-Jason Teel[6]; 7. (DNS) 04-Laura Davis


A Feature 1: 1. 64-Grant Sheetz[6]; 2. 9H-Payton Hanes[2]; 3. 51B-Emma Mather[4]; 4. S28-Katelynn Fleming[3]; 5. 43-Maddy Barr[5]; 6. 21JC-JR Curtis[1]

Heat 1: 1. 64-Grant Sheetz[1]; 2. 21JC-JR Curtis[5]; 3. 9H-Payton Hanes[2]; 4. S28-Katelynn Fleming[4]; 5. 51B-Emma Mather[3]; 6. 43-Maddy Barr[6]


Heat 1: 1. 21-Mike Lefholz[1]; 2. 20-Ron Lefholz[3]; 3. XX-Steve Tanner[2]


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